[FREE E-MAIL COURSE] New Content for Marketing Your Business in #NewYear2017

Wish you a merry X'mas and a happy new year. At Perisqope, we created a series of e-mails for you, this holiday season to help Market Your Business Using Quizzes. 

In each of the e-mails, I've used examples, exclusively around the holidays to keep it relevant for the season. Before we head into the course, let me quickly show you what a Perisqope quiz looks like:

  1. What winter attire adds magic to your charm?
    Can be polished for Christmas as “What should your perfect Christmas party attire be?”. Suitable for fashion e-commerce brands

  2. Which road trip should you take next?
    For car rental companies and hotels, a quiz like “What road trip should you take this Christmas?” makes perfect seasonal content.

  3. What fitness class should you take?
    A gym or fitness company, can re-frame the quiz as “Santa created a fitness regime for you. Can you guess it?” and promote specific fitness programs.

Take a while to take one of those quizzes. I'll wait here for you to get back.

Done? Did you like the result you got? I'd love to see it. Tweet to us @Perisqope, and let us know what you think.

I hope that breaks the ice. Now, what can you expect out of the e-mail course?

Don't worry! You can expect to have a Custom Perisqope for Your Business by the time you read the last e-mail in this series. You can use the Perisqope to promote your website, or collect some leads for your business this season.  

After the day you sign up, you’ll receive one e-mail everyday, for the next 5 days. I request you to answer them, really quickly, with your thoughts. Your answers will help me create your Perisqope.

Sounds good? Let's get started.