Falling short of Content Ideas? Here are a few ideas for your next campaign

In the world of social media, creativity is the variable of  success.  Some of us always have never-ending-supply of out-of-box creative ideas. But, creative work can be very challenging. There are days when even the best feel uninspired and aren’t able to move on.

As content mareketers, it is our job to be creative everyday. Consistency is key to success in social media. You can’t expect your audience to go along with sub-par content or inconsistency in the quality of your brand’s content creation.

So, if you’re in social media and need a few suggestions to boost your brainstorming power, here are five ideas to help you sketch out your next social media campaign -

Influencer Marketing:

Advertising over social media is intrusive and disrupts the native experience. People have grown cynical towards it. However, this averseness goes away when the suggestions or recommendations come from friends or family and not from the brand directly. A recommendation from someone you follow, carries more credibility.

Influencer marketing involves marketing products and services to people who have sway over a niche audience. This market influence typically stems from an individual's expertise, popularity, or reputation. Marketing to an influencer’saudience is much like word of mouth. However, it may not involve explicit recommendations but endorsements. Companies that can build open and organic relationships with influencers have access to a more effective marketing channel.

The first step of an influencer marketing campaign is to set the goals. Often, companies choose to create buzz or public awareness over increasing revenues via influencers. Then, you need to identify the influencers in the niche audience you want to target. Simple searches over Google or tools like
Onalytica can help you identify your target influencers. Most effective way to reach an influencers is via the social platform where he has his sway. The goal is to form an organic relationship that is not based entirely on endorsing and selling. Influencers who are treated with respect become genuine advocates for the companies they write about.

Interactive Content Like Quizzes:

Source: Buzzfeed

Source: Buzzfeed

Interactive content is a better way to educate, entertain, and engage your audience over traditional channels like e-books, infographics or whitepapers . Interactive content formats allow your users to talk with you . Regular content formats are like monologues, while interactivity helps build a dialogue between a brand and its audience. Interactivity can bring the warmth and persuasive power of a in-person interaction.

Part of why interactive content formats like quizzes, give results is because humans simply can’t resist to discover something new about themselves and then share it with the world. At the same time, the value that each user gets out of a quiz is different, based on the choices he makes – this personalization is very appealing.

Don’t you love with when a fun Buzzfeed quiz appears in our social media feed. Why should buzzfeed have all the fun? You can take advantage of this quiz phenomenon too. You can easily create a quiz on a topic that’d resonate with your audience and promote it on you social channels for your followers. Add a CTA at the end with your website link or a request to subscribe your newsletter and you’d have a lead generation engine. 

News Jacking:

Newsjacking is the act of adding your story into the daily news. Essentially you’re trying to leverage a topic towards which they eyes are wide open, by presenting it in your brand’s voice. When done well, newjacking can be a very unique attractive tool in your content arsenal.

To excel, you need to choose a handful of new outlets and follow them regularly. Try to pick a source that speaks the language which your customers appreciate. Double-check the authenticity of the news, before you pick it up. Avoid topics that people are very sensitive towards, like death of a celebrity or a natural disaster. You’d hop on to relevant news as soon as you can, to get maximum traction.

Remember, you’re not the only brand trying to bask in the attention. So, choose topics wisely that have a natural connection to your brand. Try to include keywords that are relevant to your brand and fit well with the news piece. 

Leverage Social Intelligence to create Seasonal content:

Seasonal content is a well appreciated practice among the retail marketers. However, it requires in depth understanding of a brand’s customer persona.

Social intelligence, is the act of gathering information from social media sites  that helps your understand your customer persona better.  This includes discovering your customer’s demographics, understanding where they’re located, monitoring their sentiments and learning what your competitors are doing to woo them. Different customer segments behave differently and may interact with your seasonal content in unique ways.

Until you understand your customer’s entire buying cylce  and not just the end purchase action, you seasonal content may not be well received.  For example, here are two examples of seasonal content for a fashion brand with young, hip audience that is looking to be creative

  • In winters: Warm spicy drink recipes and handmade gift ideas
  • In summers: Recipes for 10 quirky & cook homemade beverages and outdoor activities ideas

Please don’t focus all your seasonal content around sales promotion.  Pleasantly surprise your audience with contentthat matches the season and is about them. 



Webinars can help you build warm relationship with your customers like no other channel. It is your best chance to build trust between you and your attendees. As the host of your webinar, you’re in total control of its flow and outcome.

A webinar is like a live story telling session, where you’ve the chance to provide value to your potential customers. You’d need to pay special attention to sound quality, choosing the right location and using the right micro-phone. Sometimes, technical glitches can ruin the experience.

Try to be yourself, authentic. Maintaining a conversational tone, will make people stay attentive and don’t loose you during the course of webinar. Remember, you’re competing with other open windows on your audience’s devices. It is challenging to hold your audience’s attention if you’re providing value in an engaging way. Bring in more examples and stories that make your session more lively. It’s your voice that really has to do the magic. 

Eager to get started?  Check out Perisqope's library to find inspiration for your first quiz.