[FREE E-MAIL COURSE] New Content for Marketing Your Business in #NewYear2017

[FREE E-MAIL COURSE] New Content for Marketing Your Business in #NewYear2017

Wish you a merry X'mas and a happy new year. At Perisqope, we created a series of e-mails for you, this holiday season to help Market Your Business Using Quizzes. 

You can expect to have a Custom Perisqope for Your Business by the time you read the last e-mail in this series. You can use the Perisqope to promote your website, or collect some leads for your business this season.  

Falling short of Content Ideas? Here are a few ideas for your next campaign

In the world of social media, creativity is the variable of  success.  Some of us always have never-ending-supply of out-of-box creative ideas. But, creative work can be very challenging. There are days when even the best feel uninspired and aren’t able to move on.

As content marketers, it is our job to be creative everyday. Consistency is key to success in social media. You can’t expect your audience to go along with sub-par content or inconsistency in the quality of your brand’s content creation.

What makes social media quizzes your invisible salesman?

The appeal of discovering something new about yourself – from how well do you know Bollywood to which Winter Attire can add magic to your charm – is incrediblypowerful.  The value of quizzes extends well beyond the answers – they drive conversations, in 2014 the eight most popular quizzes were shared over 36 Million times.

The use of quizzes in print media is nothing new but online quizzes are the hottest viral type content today.