About Perisqope

Perisqopes are custom quizzes to drive your brand's online engagement

Perisqope is created by Choose To Thinq, with an aim to help brands develop a deeper understanding of their consumers. We believe that narrating authentic stories in a low trust world, is the best way for brands to capture their audience's mind share. 

As an agency, content development is our forte. Choose To Thinq specializes in using quizzes for launching social media campaigns, driving engagement and capturing leads. Over the years, we’ve helped brands like Flipkart, Capgemini, Google, Congnizant create over 100 awesome quizzes. 

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Harish Kumar Bhamidipati | LinkedIn

On a mission of getting one million people to THINQ - be it in work, life or play. He is connecting all the dots from his previous stints as a CEO, Consultant, Teacher, Host and even a parent to help achieve the audacious goals they have set for themselves at Choose To Thinq.

Ramanand Janardhanan | LinkedIn

I help organisations and individuals 'uplevel' the way they work, engage and innovate, using an approach that is Thoughtful, Human, Interesting and Innovative and led by Questions. At Choose To Thinq, I help organisations and individuals 'uplevel' the way they work, engage, and innovate.


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